Most people are familiar with the red “ABC” fire extinguishers found on the wall of every business. But what about this silver one? These are specifically engineered to fight kitchen fires. When a deep fryer ignites, it creates multiple hazards including thick black smoke in addition to the hot boiling oil and grease itself. Modern vegetable oils have a much higher auto-ignition temperature than early cooking mediums. These changes have reduced the ability of the red dry chemical (ABC) extinguisher to extinguish these fires. The liquid agent that is discharged from the K extinguisher creates a soapy foam layer on the surface (through saponification) which holds down the vapors to extinguish the flames. Special fire extinguishers like these are found in relative proximity to the hazard that they are designed to fight. K extinguishers are found in commercial kitchens throughout the USA. Remember: Do not use water on oil and grease fires!

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