Preventing a loss before it occurs should be the goal of every business, building owner and individual. With that in mind, CCS has the expert skills, knowledge and experience to perform:

  • Fire and Security Risk Assessment. CCS can provide a comprehensive threat assessment in order to determine your level of vulnerability so that effective countermeasures can improve your risk reduction efforts.
  • Fire Code Compliance Analysis. Periodic site assessments are necessary so that future building maintenance expenses can be predicted. Our detailed and extensive evaluations provide a complete picture of your fire safety systems and programs to identify deficiencies and minimize loss. CCS will help you to incorporate corrective action plans and long term solutions. 
  • Pre-Construction Plan Review. Our ICC certified Plans Examiners can fill the needs of developers, owners, and architects.  We can provide a report defining potential compliance issues and options, identifying occupancy and fire separation requirements, means of egress and fire-rated construction, occupant load and exit capacity calculations, as well as exit paths and travel distances.       
  • Hazardous Materials Survey. We can conduct a complete review of the materials used or stored at your facility to identify the proper material classification based on the code.
  • Hazardous Materials Location Plan and Management Plan. CCS will view your storage layout and building plans, and with your business operations in mind, we can develop both a HMLP and HMMP.  
  • Hazardous Material Inventory. The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986 was created to help communities plan for emergencies and requires businesses to report on the storage and use of hazardous materials. CCS has experience with hundreds of these reports. 
  • Fire-Rated Barrier and Door Inspection. According to the International Fire Code, fire-rated construction is required to be maintained and inspection annually. CCS can conduct these regular assessments in existing buildings or during construction.